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Versa Complete Postural System

Base Price: P.O.A.

In some very complex cases a totally tailored solution is required; the versa complete system is individually designed by our experts. The components are highly adjustable allowing for continuous adaptation of the system to compliment the pathological and anatomical evolution of the patient over time.

The seat will be designed to:
-Distribute patient weight evenly
-Reduce pressure peaks on ischial tuberosities
-Prevent and/or compensate for pelvic deformities
-Provide stability and comfort

The backrest will be modified to give support and stabilise the trunk.

versa complete system

Thoracic Supports can be used to help provide symmetry and provide lateral and/or anterior support to the trunk.

Upper Limb supports can support and displace a proportion of the arms and trunk weight off the ischial tuberosities, also assisting residual activities and abilities.

Hip guides can be used to prevent/support: pelvic obliquity, pelvic traversal rotation, abduction, wind-swept position of the thighs.