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Quickie Q700 Sedeo PRO

Base Price: from £7000

The Q700 F is QUICKIE’s most advanced powered wheelchair! You can be confident in great outdoor performance with good indoors manoeuverability, and amazing stability on steep declines. Its in-rigged castor arms design is responsive and also perfect for navigating around indoors.

It features Gyro-control & Spirit Level technology. The Q700 also features  the supremely comfortable – and most importantly suitable for all – SEDEO PRO seating system.

Unique spirit level technology

Prefer a firmer sportier ride, or a soft and comfortable one? Whatever your preference you can fine tune the Q700 F to suit you. With both drive wheels connected by a pivot bar, that absorbs the natural pull to one side when travelling across cambers and round corners at speed. Plus, adjustable springs mean you can ensure you keep maximum traction all the time whatever your driving style.

Motors and batteries

Because of the Q700’s large wheels, powerful high torque 4-pole motors powering speeds of 6, 8, 10 or 13 kph and a choice of 60 or 80 Ah batteries therefore maximising your range, you can always travel in confidence.

SEDEO Pro seating system

This stylish, adjustable seating system combines comfort, support and an extensive range of options and accessories to cater for your every need (and want). Stepless adjustment means the width of your chair can be altered between 15 and 24 inches to ensure you’re always sitting comfortably. The SEDEO PRO truly provides a seat that offers maximum comfort for everyone.

Control at your fingertips

Control your environment with the Q700 F SEDEO PRO and its advanced controller technology. Available with the superior R-Net advanced joystick as standard, the large, easy-to-read HD display and simple to control paddle switches allow for intuitive operation.

Personalise your Q700 with a choice of 7 accent colours.


The Q700 is available through the Motability Scheme via the custom build route.

If you are looking for a lot of these features in a neater base why not consider the Q500 series.

Q700 Series Brochure: http://http://www.sunrisedice.com/asset-bank/assetfile/47175.pdf