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Adacta Klim – frame for positioning systems

Base Price: P.O.A.

The Adacta Klim frame offers a totally tailored base which can be used in conjunction with the Versa Inserto seating systems. Designed specifically to balance the body and gravitational loads by complying with the dyskinetic movements and the perceptive state of the patient.

The Adacta Klim was designed following a clinical long term study on movement disorders and their related needs. It is particularly suited to individuals with extensor hypertonic dyskinesia which frequently produces abnormal posture; generating mental stress, physical fatigue, joint and muscle damage. The dynamic movement of the Adacta Klim and its shock absorbing capabilities absorb violent movements and smoothly release the energy. The memory springback and anti vibration properties have produced the following benefits:
-Reduction of movement intensity and frequency
-Reduction of some disorders such as hyper salivation and anarthria
-Increased comfort and general benefit in relation to hypo-oxygenation crisis leading to increased periods sitting and reducing the number of transfers needed on a day to day basis.
-Developed communication abilities
-Improved quality of life.