Barbara McCallum – Expert Mobility Assessor

Barbara McCallum – Expert Mobility Assessor

CONTACT Barbara McCallum – Expert Mobility Assessor

Do you long for a wheelchair expertly tailored to you that enhances your life?

Barbara can offer a wheelchair built just for you, allowing you to experience enhanced comfort, postural support (and where possible posture correction), and even improved energy efficiency. When your chair is built bespoke for you suddenly people see you, and not the chair.

Do you yearn for knowledgeable and trustworthy advice?

Barbara’s wisdom (the polite way to describe over twenty years in the mobility industry) establishes her as an expert in her field and she will offer credible and appropriate recommendations to benefit you. You might not leave with your initial enquiry but you will leave with the best product for you.

Barbara has been exceeding client’s expectations for decades and she would love to do the same for you.

So if she is running a little late for her appointment – Helena is her buddy and she will track her down and come back to you with an estimated time of arrival ASAP.