Custom Builds

Do you struggle to propel? Do you have difficulty getting a breath? Do you suffer fatigue, aches and pains?  These are all issues which could be related to your position in your chair.  Whether it’s your wheelchair or your armchair sitting in a good position makes every day functions easier. How is your posture? 1. Are you slumped forward? 2. Are you leaning off to one side? 3. Are your knees clamped tight together? 4. Are your legs splaying out to the side? 5. Is one of your shoulders higher than the other? 6. Are you slipping forward in your chair? If you answered yes to any of the above you could benefit from our free posture assessment. Most of us adopt bad posture at some point during the day, more able bodied people will naturally adopt numerous positions throughout the day to break a bad posture and consequently the discomfort that stems from it. This is not always an option for many of our clients and getting a good seating set up can be invaluable to not only your comfort but also to your health. Most people are unaware of how seriously bad posture can affect you; sitting in the wrong position can lead to numerous health problems. We are constantly asked to assess end users by professional therapists where the provision supplied has been prescribed incorrectly. Typical issues incorrect seat sizes, no support for the feet, control mounted in the wrong position; all of these issues over time will result on damage to posture; resulting in deformities, pressure sores and difficulties seating the client in the future. We have experience of improving/solving the whole range of health problems and our suppliers are continually developing the equipment we can offer. Having worked in the field for decades we know from experience that staying abreast of the latest posture knowledge base and the newest positioning equipment means we offer our clients the direct route to comfort and wellbeing. Are you ready to experience comfort?