Sit up straight and beat the stress

By admin | on October 28th, 2014

The best way to remain calm and upbeat when you feel overwhelmed could be as simple as changing the way you sit, researchers claimed yesterday. It is thought that posture affects mood because different muscle positions affect the functioning of our hormonal and nervous systems.

“Writing in the scientific journal Heath Psychology, the researchers said: ‘sitting upright may be a simple behavioural strategy to help build resilience to stress.’
This is the first study to show that holding an upright seated posture during a psychological stressor can have a protective effects on mood compared to a slumped posture. The upright participants reported feeling more enthusiastic, excited and strong, while the slumped participants reported feeling more fearful, hostile, nervous, quiet, still, passive, dull, sleepy and sluggish. The upright participants also reported higher self esteem and reduced fear compared to slumped participants.”

Reported in the Daily Mail by Sophie Freeman

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