Call out charges


Cost Loyalty Rate
Local Rates
Up to 2.5 Miles £11.99    £10.09
Up to 5 Miles £15.15    £12.62
Up to 10 Miles £21.48    £17.68
10-40 Miles £53.10    £42.98
40-70 Miles £91.05    £73.34
70-100 Miles £122.68    £98.64
100-130 Miles £135.33    £108.76


Servicing repair cost


   Cost  Loyalty Rate


  £64.00         £51.20
Manual Wheelchair/
Rise Recline Services
  £57.00         £45.60
Power Wheelchair/
Mobility Scooter
  £64.00         £51.20

Loyalty rates apply to clients who purchase their equipment from us. Standing wheelchairs carry an additional surcharge.
Albion Mobility can offer a wide range of repair, maintenance and servicing work including supply and fitting of replacement parts, batteries, tyres please call us to discuss your requirements.


As of Monday 19th September 2016 Albion Mobility will no longer remove or refit vehicle lock down systems for users.
If a repair to a chair requires the removal of the lock down system, the system must be removed and replaced by a qualified conversion specialist.

Albion Mobility appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience, but it is paramount that the safety of the end user is maintained. Albion Mobility’s technical team are not trained in the fitting of such devices. By the removal and refitting of these systems Albion Mobility could be deemed liable in the event of an accident.

This procedure is now being implemented across the industry throughout all the major manufacturers.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Specialists in prescribing mobility aids.