Happylegs new to the showroom

By admin | on October 15th, 2014


Have you ever considered how important good blood circulation is?
Poor circulation can have a detrimental effect on your health. Moving and exercising the body is vital to ensure good circulation. Maintaining a seated position through the day can cause defective venous return.

How important is exercise?
Doing 30 minutes or more of mild exercise a day is acknowledged as having a huge number of health benefits both physically and mental. The Happylegs machine is a revolutionary, award winning, exercising device could help to improve vital vascular blood flow.

Happylegs is completely safe and very easy to use. The passive exercise machines which functions using the same principles as walking. Used everyday Happylegs every day could help to improve the venous return circulation; reducing swelling in your legs and ankles without straining the joints.

Pop into the showroom to give it a try.

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