Covid 19 update on services

UPDATED 17/11/2020

Based on the First Minister’s announcement today; from Friday 20th November at 18:00 if you reside outside of a Tier 3 location we can only complete essential/critical repair work for the next 3 weeks. This pertains to both higher and lower tier locations due to the new travel restrictions now in place.

Annual Servicing during the pandemic

We are still completing annual servicing in Tier 3 locations where social distancing can be maintained. We ask that you can present your equipment at the front door so that our Technician can maintain social distancing.  Our technician will work on your chair/scooter in the van or an out building if this is possible. Our team have the necessary PPE equipment and your item will be wiped down before it is returned to you. If it isn’t possible for you to present your chair/scooter at the door please bear with us we are hoping to be able to complete in home servicing in the near future.

Assessments during the pandemic

Currently we are completing assessment appointments for Tier 3 residents (this will be reviewed if the tier level is increased), our Mobility Consultant will wear full PPE and maintain social distancing wherever possible. The showroom remains closed at this time except for scheduled appointments.

How we are protecting you and our Team

We will continue to confirm every morning that clients who have appointments are well and do not show signs of the virus; any symptoms will result in the rescheduling of their appointment which will help us to avoid cross infection. Team Albion have been briefed on the symptoms of the virus and are aware of the self-isolation procedure should they become unwell; or if they come into contact with someone who is unwell. We know some of our clients may not feel safe to have visitors so for you we can still offer Whats app/facetime video calls to assist you with any issues you might be having.

Extended lead times

From a supply line point of view we have been advised there are delays on deliveries due to reduced staffing levels with our suppliers. You should also be aware that couriers are also implementing restrictions which could further delay the supply of all items.


The health, safety and well being of our clients, employees and everyone’s families are the priority and we will continue to implement measures to reduce the risks of Covid19 whilst maintaining a satisfactory level of service. We thank you for your ongoing understanding and patience. We will update you if anything else changes. Please take care of one another.


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